15+ Top Mobile Apps Development Ideas

15+ Top Mobile Apps Development Ideas

Importance of Mobile Apps Development :

Becoming a developer of mobile apps takes rehearsal and the accurate mobile application ideas. If you take the first step deprived of knowing what you are doing, you will end up killing money and time. However, there are great chances for persons who have good ideas. Statista predictions show that the world’s income from mobile applications can touch more than $ 76 B by the end of 2018. The quantity of mobile application downloads this year is around 167 billion.

The eyes of people are on the smartphones. They spend more time on the phone than on the pc. And it is a unique opportunity to move customers from online to offline. Today, those traveling on the Internet are on the move and may be physically near a store that sponsors online a promotion, a discount. Enter and buy. The challenge is how to capture these consumers. It’s good to develop mobile applications. The problem is to make a proposal stand out from the rest. Whether you are a newbie in the field of creating mobile applications or rather a veteran looking to improve the performance of your projects, you can take a look at this mobile development ideas guide. The market is there for those who want to participate and earn a place. In this sense, what do you must know to be an efficacious developer? Initiate with the top mobile app ideas that we will share with you in this article and you will be ready to master the game.

#1. The team – First of All :

If you are just starting out, consult professionals, a development agency, and a promotion agency. Do not trust a single agency. Before entrusting your money to someone, check their work on the Web, look at the Apps they have created, check what position they occupy in the stores.

#2. Functionality :

Never launch yourself to develop without thinking point by point what will be the main features of your app. And look for a functionality that hooks. For example, the messaging software, the transport software and the applications for home orders.

#3. The Content  :

Apart from the basic theme of the application, another element to consider is the activity that will be created from there. Of all the options available to breathe life into an app, at this moment some of the highlights are the programs that allow users to create content.

Mobile Apps Development

#4. Deepen the Target of Users :

Speaking of users, have you decided who you want to address with your application? Do it. For any development you undertake, it is essential to study the market, detect trends or needs and have the target audience well defined.

#5. The Target Platforms for your Apps :

The mobile market is diverse. There is no single type of user, nor is there just an operating system that can test. You will have to decide for some of them and adapt your objectives to the budget you have. Wanting to cover everything when you do not have the necessary equipment to do so can lead to direct failure.

#6. Time to Market :

Not everything is to perfect the development techniques. To be successful, you must also take into account other factors, such as deciding when you are going to launch your application to the public. It is advisable to separate the functions in stages in the case of complex apps. So it will not take too long to make them available to users.

#7. How to Choose the Business Model :

It depends on what you offer. If it is a service for professionals or enthusiasts of a sector, then it can set a price and sell it on the store. Same thing if you are a famous brand, then they will pay you for a service. Vice versa if you are a beginner, the price, even if low, can damage you. The purchase of an App is not as emotional as it seems. It’s not like spending a euro for a coffee. Better bet on freemium models (download for free and pay for additional services). Other interesting models are to link the software to a hardware product.

#8. The biggest obstacle? (Promotion) :

There are SEO strategies to bring out the App among others in the stores. It’s fundamental to pay attention to the title (Short is Better) otherwise it will appear with dots and not complete. It must be easily memorable and catchy. Then the description: here you have to pay attention to the first lines. The very first line is very important it describes the App and its features. Finally, the screenshots must be clear. The images should use with caution. Beware of the reviews too.  Insert useful tools (Alert, Push) to ask users to leave reviews, feedback. But you must do it with intelligence. The review should not be asked immediately, but only to users who enter the App for the second or third time.

Mobile Apps Development

#9. Performance :

In the world of mobile applications, speed helps in selling. It often happens that smartphone and tablet users are in a hurry and cannot wait very long for the application to load. In case the opening of an app requires an excessive loading time, it could also risk being deleted by users. 59% of respondents say that they are ready to delete an application from memory of the device if app performance is not the first level. So to avoid a bad end, therefore, you will need to develop a sprint app.

#10. Simplicity and Intuitiveness :

Moving on to talk about the design of the application, it is necessary to underline how “less is better”. In evaluating the overall user experience of an application, users will take into great consideration the cleanliness of the design and the ease of use of the various functions made available by the user by accessing the menu. Example: it must be clear how to access the various functions without being forced to guess. Otherwise, the app could end up in the trash. A user doesn’t like complex applications. Example: In 2012 with the first version of Apple Maps the app was so complicated to use. That’s why many users migrated to other shores.

#11. Interoperability :

At the moment, it is a problem little felt by the majority of mobile device owners. Since the number of smartphones and tablets is expected to grow exponentially (according to Cisco by 2018 each user will have 1.4 mobile devices), it is likely that in the near future it will present itself as an even stronger need. A user who uses the same application on two different devices is forced to start over every time he passes from the smartphone to the tablet and vice versa: the apps work in “watertight compartments” and both the configurations settings, and the files in use they can be “imported” automatically from one device to another. Thus, users are forced to lose tens of minutes each time they install the same application on two or more different devices.

Mobile Apps Development

Someone has already tried to develop apps that can synchronize all this information on the cloud and then make them available on two or more devices (Apple users can take advantage of the Continuity feature introduced with iOS 8, while Android users can use the services offered by Baton), but it is a very small minority. If you develop an application that allows you to change the device without “blow wound” (to continue reading on the tablet the article found with the smartphone, for example), you would have excellent chances of success in the medium to long-term.

#12. Energy, a precious Commodity :

The battery life of smartphones is limited. It often happens that you can get to the end of the day with a single charge. More and more users are forced to buy external batteries for smartphones to charge their device on the fly. Therefore, In application development phrase pay attention to the performance of app and energy consumption.

Mobile Apps Development

If we asked user to choose the application between two applications which perform the same function. He will definitely choose the application which consumes less power. So that he will be sure to be able to prolong a few tens of minutes the life of the battery and have a better chance of coming home from work with the smartphone still on.

#13. Succeed with the business model and learn to swing fast :

Whoever opts to develop apps will do so, ultimately, to earn money. For this, there are several formulas, such as “in-app” purchases. The world is moving fast and technology too, which force us to try and change the patterns quickly.

Mobile Apps Development

#14. Select the category and take care of the ASO :

Visibility is basic to increase the number of downloads so that the greatest number of users have proof that your app exists. One way to get it is by categorizing your creation well when publishing it in a store. Another is to take care of the techniques of App Search Optimization.

#15. Promotion, promotion, and promotion :

What other ways are there to be visible and, thus, be able to succeed? Obviously, advertisement. You will have to allocate part of your budget to original campaigns that make you stand out, either with announcements or with media communications.

Mobile Apps Development

Competition is tremendous. So if you have a budget of 100, 30 should go to development, 70 to promotion. You cannot think of making a nice shop without a sign. Mobile advertising tools on Google and Facebook and the need to monitor investment results and understand how to move.

#16. Interaction and cooperation :

The best applications are not those that “trap” the user within a single “operational niche”, but those that will guarantee the best (and greatest) interaction and cooperation with the other applications already present on the device. In this way, you will not have to zigzag between one app and the other and you will save precious time. The users of Instagram are happy with that the photos they take are automatically saved in the Gallery of their device. A user can use the same shot with more applications without there being the need to have to make the same photo several times.

#17. Take care of the opinions in the markets :

When you’re in the market those who try your app will give you an opinion whether positive or negative. In the latter case, respond politely and listen to what they have to say because you can always improve something. Strive to generate opinion and that users end up recommending your app to their acquaintances.

Mobile Apps Development

#18. Think of the next Apps :

Whatever the performance of your application is, do not rely on miraculous and eternal successes. Do not close doors. Look for new developments and stay in constant renewal, with new features or, directly, with different apps.
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