Content Marketing: Top 15 Ideas to make your Content Viral

Content Marketing: Top 15 Ideas to make your Content Viral

Viral Content:

A viral content in digital marketing is any digital material that becomes popular overnight. It may be a video, a publication on Facebook, a Tweet, a meme or any publication on a social network that is shared thousands and thousands of times. It is the dream of any publicist or marketing manager of a company. You might think that getting your content to go viral is almost like winning the lottery, that is, something almost impossible, but with a good team and proper planning there is a slight chance that it is possible. The different strategies and techniques of Content Marketing are aimed at promoting the brand, attracting leads and converting them into customers, among others. To meet these goals sometimes it requires the information created be popularized quickly through different platforms. Content Marketing How to make each piece of content quickly shared thousands of times across the internet? This article provides you with some tips to make your content go viral:
  1. The importance of the data
  2. The “contagious” aspect of the content
  3. Do not be afraid to break the rules
  4. Emotions and Content Marketing
  5. Take advantage of current development events, but in an ethical and responsible way
  6. Create content that makes those who share it feel intelligent
  7. The viral content must be short
  8. Create real and common content
  9. Involve your audience
  10. Create texts “Call to action”
  11. Controversy
  12. Take advantage of current issues or trends
  13. Spelling and the use of language
  14. Lists
  15. The secret ingredient

# 1 The importance of data:

The analysis and documentation of data are important to know the purpose of the content. Example: before taking the first steps in video marketing, an automotive agency tabulates through its automatic systems all the data collected during months through surveys, email marketing, social networks and other formats. All this information will yield important conclusions: What does the public want to see in the promotional videos? What kind of information do they need? Do you prefer a classic style campaign or, on the contrary, an ultra-futuristic one? All this and more is necessary to guarantee the popularity of the strategy. By knowing exactly what the audience feels through this analysis, campaigns with the power of attraction sufficient to create a lasting impact can be designed.

#2 The “contagious” aspect of the content:

An essential element of many viral contents is its catchy nature. We can represent in several ways:
  • An original and humorous phrase.
  • A funny sequence, which can be a dialogue between two characters, for example.
  • The music is important: in video marketing, for example, the soundtrack emphasizes the main idea.
  • A striking slogan: just remember a phrase as brief as “I’ll be back” from the movie “Terminator”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is enough to realize that a few simple words can viralize the content and make it remain in the memory of the public for a long time.

#3 Do not be afraid to break the rules:

Content Marketing requires seriousness. In the world of digital promotion, almost everything is valid to achieve the objectives. An example of this is the Old Spice campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. It shows an African-American model talking about the advantages of “smelling like a real man”. It is a humorous campaign, for some others it could be silly, for others very funny, but it has several characteristics that deserve to be taken into account:
  • The sequences are fast and entertaining. There is not a single boring second.
  • It comes to a specific idea and to some extent controversial: “Only with Old Spice, you can smell real man”.
  • The brand is not afraid to challenge the audience: “Your man could smell like me if I stopped using essences for the lady and used our deodorant.”
Despite the humor, the advertising spot is still elegant, without ever falling into vulgarity.

#4 Emotions and Content marketing:

The range of emotions that can be exploited to attract followers is extensive and interesting. The creation of content based on them requires knowing in advance what the public prefers and why. Among other examples are: Emotional and moving stories: Causing tears can make a video, blog post or photo become a viral issue on Facebook and other networks. Relationships that inspire: In addition to moving, it is also important to offer the public a solution, hope or alternative. Just remember the videos shared thousands of times about children or people overcoming a serious illness or going ahead despite the obstacles. The sensual is also in fashion: This concept has approached for decades by different brands, from perfumes to wine and liquor companies. But it is not enough to show beautiful bodies or spicy situations: you also have to join them to a specific concept in a fun way and always with good taste. This type of content requires insinuation, but also leave much to the imagination. Stories that simply make you feel good: You do not need to be very sad or emotional. It is simply about creating contents that remember the importance of simple and quiet everyday moments. For a pet products company, a colorful infographic that shows the positive effects of owning a dog or cat can generate more interest than imagined.

#5 Take advantage of current development events, but in a responsible way:

Natural disasters, political events, and matters of public interest are excellent opportunities to create viral content and also to strengthen ties with followers. However, you must be responsible for the design of these campaigns:
  • A company can send an email to its residential customers in a place hit by the tragedy, as in the case of an earthquake or hurricane. This advertising should not seek to sell anything absolutely, simply show support and solidarity.
  • The political choices of given country lead to content like memes and videos that may be popularized quickly. Although getting involved in politics can be risky, it is worth doing it with good humor and responsibility. Netflix recently promoted its “House of Cards” series in a country, alluding to a local politician who plagiarized a speech in this series.

#6 Create content that makes those who share it feel intelligent:

When people think about sharing content, they like to be seen as intelligent and resourceful in front of their friends and followers. In this way, they will have greater acceptance on their part. Viral Content

#7 The viral content must be short:

If you want your videos to be viral, their duration must be between 30 seconds or a minute. A content with long duration tends to bore and that doesn’t even end up being reproduced. Same happens when we write and publish in blogs because people have little concentration. Articles should be created easy to analyze content and with supporting images and in the case of videos, implement subtitles if necessary. Viral Content

#8 Create real and common content:

When making videos or publications, you should keep in mind that most people do not seek to see reproductions that seem too elaborate. The more real and common the video is, the more it will convey feelings with which people will feel identified. Although this is recommended, it is also worth noting that there is content that is viralized by its genius and elaboration, every rule has its exceptions.

#9 Involve your audience:

When you make publications, consider the people and make them participants. The best way to achieve this is by inviting them to give their opinions about it. Discuss with each other since this makes the content more authentic and generates confidence. The audience has to feel that their opinion is important.

#10 Create texts “Call to action”:

Very useful and fundamental advice is before publishing content pay attention to the title of the material to be viralized. With a good call to action headline (call to action), you can create curiosity in people and make your content more attractive.

#11 Controversy:

This is essential for the success of the road. Generating controversy, you will achieve that all people share and interact with each other giving their opinions, but this is also something very delicate and to be very careful because you can put your brand or your personal image at risk, so think about what debate you want to generate. Something “controversial” is debatable and questionable. The key to writing something controversial is knowing the issues that most attract the attention of the public. Here is an example “Why intelligent men tend to date less capable girls than they do”.

#12 Take advantage of current issues or trends:

People are always more open to receiving information on current issues. Using this in your viral content gives you a step of an advantage because they are fresh topics today and therefore people will be more interested in giving their opinion or sharing. It helps to check Google Trends, so you can find that which topics are in discussed. Link your content with that topic. For example, if a subject of the moment is “bath salts “, you can write an article about “How to make your product or service as addictive as bath salts”.

#13 Spelling and the use of language:

When you make publications, you must use appropriate spelling. You don’t only refer the fact of writing well but take into account the vocabulary used in the context that is being written. Since misused words can hurt susceptibilities and generate negative reactions. We don’t want negative reactions.

#14 Lists:

This is a format that always used and abused, but the public likes it. They are an easy and attractive way to share content. Keep it in mind, the Top 10 will always be attractive. You can also try to write about the aspirational aspect of your audience.

#15 The secret ingredient:

If a piece of content has produced exclusively for a purpose, some initial promotion will always be necessary. It is also a good idea to have an endorsement of a recognized presence in social networks, or at least connections with users who are influential in this type of media. To viral your content the tools you need are share buttons and “call to action” which invites the persons to participate in content. Viral Content Include some “incentives” that accompany the sharing action is also valid; for example, “if we reach a thousand LIKES, we will donate such amount to a foundation for children with cancer”. This is just one aspect that can help you expand your target and let you know more widely throughout the Internet. But do not leave out the tools of SEO that will give you better positioning in Google. In this way, your strategy will be round. The above ideas will turn any Content Marketing campaign into a powerful viral promotion tool. You must use the imagination and information available to win the public and win their preference. Tip: although they do not ensure success for your content to be viral, will surely guide you along the way so you can achieve it and help you achieve your goals.
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